migrant workers insurance plan (mwip™)

Migrant Workers medical Insurance Plans

The Migrant Workers group Insurance Plan (MWIP) can cover migrant workers for Medical expenses and Accidental Death and Dismemberment losses from the time they are picked up at a Canadian airport by the employer and throughout the duration of their assignment in Canada. 

Please download the Migrant Workers group Insurance Plan Quotation Request form (PDF or Excel Spreadsheet) and list the Migrant Workers to be enrolled.  Use our Contact Form to email us or -
FAX it to Delta Pacific Benefit Brokers Ltd.
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Delta Pacific will provide a quotation and follow up by telephone to answer any questions you may have.



If Migrant Workers are eligible for the provincial medical plan, MWIP can provide coverage during the waiting period after which, the employer can elect to continue the Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance. Get a quote on MWIP using our Quotation Request Form
(PDF) (Excel Spreadsheet)

If you would like more information on MWIP or conventional health, dental and disability benefits or retirement plans, for migrant workers or your regular employees, or a market survey for an existing program, we would be pleased to contact you.  Product Inquiry

Medical Reimbursement
Accidental Death and Dismemberment
       Plan Summaries [PDF]

Download a PDF of the POLICY
MR Policy #1P920 - [PDF]
AD&D Policy #1FH10 - [PDF]


Migrant Workers medical Insurance Plans