migrant workers insurance plan (mwip™)

Q - How do we apply for Migrant Workers group Insurance Plans?
A - Complete the Quotation Request Form [PDF] [XLS] and mail it to Delta Pacific Benefit Brokers Ltd.

Q – Does each migrant worker have to complete a health questionnaire?
A – No, Legal Migrant Workers go through a screening process that includes a medical examination, prior to entering Canada so we do not require a health questionnaire.

Q – How do we pay for this?
A – Once Delta Pacific has provided the quotation and confirmed coverage a cheque for the premium should be mailed to Delta Pacific.  Claims cannot be paid unless payment is received.

Migrant Workers group Insurance Plan

Q – Is there a waiting period before coverage starts?
A - Once Delta Pacific has confirmed coverage is in place, migrant workers will either be covered when they are picked up by the employer at a Canadian airport or when coverage is confirmed by Delta Pacific, whichever is the later.

Q - If the worker terminates during the insurance period, will there be a refund?
A -Yes there will be a refund that will be prorated based on the number of weeks the coverage was in place.

Q - How do we add and delete Migrant Worker employees?
A - Complete and submit an Employee Enrollment/Termination Form [PDF] [XLS]

Q - How do we submit Migrant Workers Insurance Plan claims?
AClaims Process