migrant workers insurance plan (mwip™)

Migrant Workers medical Insurance Plan

Delta Pacific Benefit Brokers Ltd was founded in 1994 by Andrew Block. 

Our staff provides innovative Special Risk, Employee Benefit (health and dental plans) Migrant Workers Insurance Plans, Group Insurance Plans, Medical Insurance Plans and Pension Plan consulting and brokerage services to employers and affinity groups of all sizes. 




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Present throughout Canada, SSQ supports its clients - individuals as well as businesses – at every stage of their lives by delivering through its financial security advisors and benefit consultants network, solutions adapted to their needs.



Our expertise and broad range of Life and Property/Casualty Insurance products and Financial Services protect our clients, help them build their wealth and enable them to look forward to the future with peace of mind.  That is how we at SSQ see our business: Financial Protection. 

SSQ’s mission is to protect its clients from the personal and professional hazards of life, and we take pride in the fact that those needs are met with the utmost care and attention.  www.SSQ.ca